Logitech lift the lid on their new generation of grime-proof gaming gear

Dave James

Logitech have announced a full refresh of their G series range of gaming peripherals, from mice and keyboards to headsets. They're not actually announcing any truly new products, but dollying up their existing line-up with new materials and improved internal components. Each of the new goodies comes with an added 's' to the name, denoting the second generation of products.

What this really means is that if you've been looking into buying a current-gen Logitech peripheral then stay your hand, good sir/madam! The new line-up is going to drop in at exactly the same price-point, but isn't going to be released until the start of April in the US and May in Europe.

What sort of improvements can we look forward to in this new range?

Using the impressive-looking G700s as an example, Logitech have picked a new laser sensor for the top-end gaming rodent pushing the max DPI setting up to the current 8,200 DPI limit. I expect that means Logitech are using the same Avago LaserStream ADNS-9800 I've come to know and love in both the excellent Corsair M65 and Shogun Bros. Ballista MK-1. It's a high-speed sensor, but has quality scanning that makes for an incredibly smooth gaming experience.

But it's the changes in material that Logitech are keen to point out in this refresh. In order to improve comfort and longevity Logitech's engineers have opted to use new surface materials on what it calls 'strategic tactile zones.' In these zones where there is heavy contact Logitech have added in fingerprint-resistant coatings, such as on mouse buttons and keyboard keys, with a hydrophobic coating on the palm rests of its mice and keyboards.

Hopefully this means skanky matter won't build up and cling to your mouse buttons and keys and your palm sweat wont start eroding the rests on your peripherals, reminding you of the essential grotesqueness of human biology. Though now it may run off and gather in a little sticky pool on your desk, or soak into your mousemat. Depending on how sweaty you are. You monster.

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