GTA 5 PC release petition raises over 350,000 signatures

Phil Savage

Grand Theft Auto 5 is out tomorrow for the DirectX Box Three Hundred and Sixty and PlayStation Computer Entertainment System the Third. But no matter how angrily I type its name into Steam, a PC version just isn't appearing. It's not just me perturbed by Rockstar's bullish silence regarding a Windows release. The inevitable petition , launched last November , has now collected over 350,000 digi-signatures.

Has the landmark prompted the publisher to realise that they'd accidentally forgotten to announce our version? No, of course not. GTA 5's release campaign is likely comprised of a tightly controlled and meticulously planned set of stages, and - as always - making a PC announcement falls somewhere behind the console releases.

Maybe they're scared that if they did announce a PC release, the other systems would be a barren sales wasteland. We're just too powerful, that's our problem. Probably not, but a late announcement isn't against type. GTA 4's PC port was first announced four months after its console release.

Of course, Rockstar could instead be persuaded by the amazing counter-petition that aims to stop PC owners ever getting a copy of GTA 5. The notably less popular petition, created "so PC Gamers learn their lesson and stop stealing games," has now reached slightly over 10,000 signatures.

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