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    Old 02-22-2012, 03:22 PM
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    Cool The Best Gaming F Connector Cable Router?

    Hi I was looking into upgrading my router as I am currently using the one supplied by Virgin media since im on the 50mb package and I do a lot of gaming,I thought it was a good idea.

    Iv been looking into the Belkin Play Max Wireless Router NN+ as it seems to have everthing I want,but it doesnt seem to have a f connector port,even though it says it in the description.

    I also hunted down the ones which were listed for cable.



    Would really appreciate any help you could give.
    Also shoule I buy any accessories to help boost speeds?

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    Old 02-22-2012, 03:38 PM
    Belimawr Belimawr is offline
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    personally I would say avoid belkin, the last router I had was the Belkin N1, the wifi on it was a joke it crashed if you sent a file over 150meg over it, then the router just repeatedly crashed for no reason, looking into it these were very common problems and belkin would do nothing to solve them. guess the main point here is buying a router is like buying tyres for your car, it's your main point of contact so you don't want to cheap out on it.

    but you find in general linksys rates highly, and I just got a Netgear DGND3700 and I must say it's night and day from the old belkin I had, wifi transfer speeds are massively faster (and the actual speed giving to the laptops is better) it can do both ADSL and cable, I'm personally using it ADSL and altho it seems stupid changing my router to the netgear got me an extra 500kb connection speed.

    so the way I see it never look for a cheap option on routers it will control the performance for every PC in your house and how fast the internet connection can come through, like when I was looking, out of all the wireless N routers rated at the same speed only the linksys actually had better transfer speeds, but the netgear was still miles ahead of the next nearest. so looking at bench tests and user reviews is strongly recommended as some of even the supposedly high speed routers have transfer speeds similar to the old slower G rated routers.
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    Old 02-22-2012, 04:42 PM
    DarthGadget DarthGadget is offline
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    Cool @Belimawr

    Thanks for the help,im currently looking at Linksys routers as they seem especially good,also btw I wasnt going for a cheap router its just that the Belkin looked quite good
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    Old 02-22-2012, 05:23 PM
    DarthGadget DarthGadget is offline
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    Default @Belimawr

    Actually instead of cable I meant F connector cable,my bad.
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