New Apex Legends trailer gets us another look at Alter, Season 21, and the return of solos

An Apex Legends trailer released this past week shows off what to expect in Season 21, Upheaval, when it drops this week on 7 May. The trailer shows off Alter, the first evil character to get added in quite a few years, and the new 

New Legend Alter is one of those cackling, clever, cutting evil people who delights in destruction for destruction's sake, given her behavior in the trailer. She seems like she'd say something mean to you on your birthday, of all days. Terrible.

Perhaps more seriously, the trailer shows off her suite of abilities: Gift from the Rift, which grabs items from deathboxes at a distance, Void Damage, which lets you crack open a portal to move through walls and floors, and ultimate Void Nexus, which lets anyone on her team pop open a one-way portal trip back to a specific location. Perfect for quick escapes or surprise ambushes.

Season 21 also features a return bout with solos mode in Solos Takeover, which lets you grind through enemies on an Outlands map filled with pre-kitted out weapons and attachments, as well as battle sense to know when enemies are nearby. It'll also have auto-heal and Second Chance mechanics. Solos Takeover will replace duos mode from the beginning of the season until June 24.

The Upheaval map update will also tweak Broken Moon, pushing it into outer space  and adding a bunch of new points of interest to check out and fight over. It features a new ultra-condensed and very dense map center, but some of the more scattered points have been given a lot of love to tweak sight lines and what cover is open versus what areas are safe to move in.

You can learn more about Apex Legends Season 21: Upheaval on the quite pretty Apex Legends website made for just that purpose.

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.