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    Old 11-15-2010, 06:03 AM
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    Default It's been 4 long years...

    Since I last played WoW... I was actually having a sneaky go on my old rogue last night. It was so surreal. Running through the barrens it was like going back to the house I lived in when I was a kid, I could remember all the raids we did in the beta even into the contested zone next to the barrens (The NE forest!) It was just so strange. Looking at my perditions blade which I treasured more than my real life money, health and friends at the time.

    But enough nostalgia. I reopened a trial BC account last night while I wait for the two xpacs to arrive this week. I wanted to start over now it's so different than when I quit 8 months after release. You guys have room for someone starting from scratch? I thought now would be a good time to start as a lot of people will be starting over and while leveling I can redo stuff like Uldaman (I did that one for a good 10 levels it was so awesome) and go back and get that crazy sholderplate from the Scarlet Crusade!

    I messaged Teem and Ruafl(?) last night but nobody got back to me. I'm playing with a BE Paladin at the moment but I'd be happy to change class if the guild really needed something else, I have a 60 on another server, would that let me make a DK on this server? My name is Psyke in game, will be on most nights this week!

    Oh and i'm a long time reader and all that jazz which is why i'm applying here! Names Kyle, 22 from Northampton
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