Creative 3D Tactic wireless headsets demoed at IFA

Adam Oxford

Tactic3D Wrath Wireless 01

It's the annual IFA tradeshow over in Berlin at the moment, which is pretty much the European equivalent of CES. If big TVs and tablet computers are your thing, our sister site TechRadar has all the latest news from the show floor.

As far as PC gaming goes, Creative is using the show to demo its new wireless headsets, the 3D Tactic Omega and 3D Tactic Wrath (pictured above). Both look very similar from the tech specs, featuring 50mm drivers, closed back circumaural cans and a detachable mic. The USB sound card-cum-transmitter comes with the usual X-Fi/THXTruStudio enhancements with EAX support and positional sound.

As chance would have it, I've already played around with the 3DTactic Omegas for a forthcoming headset grouptest in the mag. I won't give too much away just yet, but they are indeed, as Creative put it, “built like a tank”, thanks to a steel support running across the top of your head. And yet also quite light. Sound quality is good, if initially balanced - like most Creative headsets - a little too far towards the bass end of the spectrum.

I'm looking forward to testing the Wrath Special Edition, though. Firstly, they are considerably cheaper than the Omegas - £99 (c.$150) versus £150 (c.$200). And secondly the Omegas also requires a large stand which takes up a lot of deskspace. It's not a terrible idea, but defeats the object of clutter free wireless a bit.

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