ASUS launches noise cancelling gaming headset

Adam Oxford


Not only is it a tedious bore, the real world can be such an unnecessary distraction when trying to listen for footsteps coming around the corner or place that last block on a Minecraft masterpiece. Which is obviously why ASUS is launching a noise cancelling headset just for the likes of us.

They're called the Republic of Gamers Vulcan ANC Pro. The acronym stands for 'active noise cancelling' - although they have been launched so close to Nelson Mandela's 93rd birthday that I can't help feel they're missing a trick for South African sales of the bright red set of cans.

Apparently the noise  cancelling circuit which is good for damping out 85% of low frequency sounds. As they're a closed back cuffs, the large plastic baffles you have strapped to your ears should do for the rest.

I think this might be a bit of overkill - closed back headphones block out most distractions anyway, and since all we have at the moment are press shots it's not entirely clear how the noise cancelling is powered.

Still, with 40mm drivers and a detachable mic boom the specs do look promising. Although not as promising as the "soft memory foam encased in Japanese protein leather" padding for the top of your head. I have no idea what "Japanese protein leather" is, but since I have slightly less hair than this cat , these things interest me more than most.

No word on pricing or availability yet. Surely can't be worse than the CoD:MW3 set over here .

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