Every game at E3 2013 and its PC release outlook

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Fez 2

Announced for PC? TBD
Release date TBD

[Added June 20, 2013] All we know about Fez 2 is that it exists, and we hope it comes to PC—even after word that Fez would never escape consoles, it eventually made it to Steam, so our hopes are high.


Announced for PC? Yep*
Release date September 24, 2013

It's no shocker that there's a new FIFA, and that it's coming to PC later this year. There is a catch, though. *The next-gen "Ignite" engine won't be coming to PC, at least until it can "facilitate the open nature of PC architecture."

Hex: Shards of Fate

Announced for PC? Yep
Release date Beta this year

Hex, a Kickstarted trading card MMO from Cryptozoic, was hidden away at E3, but it was there, running PvP battles and everything. Our friends at GamesRadar recorded the developer demo below:


Announced for PC? Nope
Release date TBA

I'm not sure if PixelJunk's stylishly quirky visuals are native to the devs, or if they're a Sony-patented console feature. Hohokum, a downloadable PS4 exclusive from London-based studio Honeyslug, has a lot of that same mojo.

The company has a history of publishing PC and web-based games, so Hohokum may not stay locked up forever. Though if Sony doesn't ever want it to leave, it won't.

Killer Instinct

Announced for PC? Nope
Release date 2013

So this is what Rare has been working on. Killer Instinct is almost certainly stuck exclusively on the Xbox One, but I included it so that you too can enjoy hearing "ULTRAAA COMBOOOOO!"


Announced for PC? Nope
Release date TBA

SCE Studio Japan's Knack could be a trailer for a Dreamworks movie—an unlikely hero, a bit of cute, and some surprisingly good voice acting. It's also an action-platformer that looks at home as a PS4 exclusive, so we don't expect it to wash up on PC shores.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes

Announced for PC? Yep
Release date Fall 2013

It's a LEGO game, so it's coming to every platform there is—I'm surprised Atari Lynx support wasn't announced.


Announced for PC? Nope
Release date November 2013

I know it's just the set up for a joke, but calling the Xbox One "the most advanced gaming system ever conceived" has to elicit a cross-armed pshhhh. I can't help it. Anyway, this is LocoCycle, Twisted Pixel's unlikely candidate for a PC port.

Lords of the Fallen

Announced for PC? Yep
Release date TBA

Deck 13 and City Interactive are producing an action RPG. It's being compared to Dark Souls. The guy in charge is Tomasz Gop, a former Witcher 2 developer. And, and, it's been announced for PC. Hallelujah.

Mad Max

Announced for PC? Yep
Release date 2014

Warner Bros. has got Avalanche Studios—creators of the Just Cause series—working on a Mad Max game to be released next year. As expected, it's an open-world game, and if you can get past the oppression of Australians, it's one to be excited for. Avalanche is just the studio for the job.

Mercenary Kings

Announced for PC? Yep
Release date 2013

Mercenary King looks a lot like Metal Slug, but with added RPG-style depth in the form of weapon crafting. And an adorable dog robot boss. It's coming to PS4, but first, PC pre-orders are already being accepted on the official site.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Announced for PC? Nope
Release date TBA

Kojima won't say whether or not Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be released on PC, but he did say that there's hope. So, hope and a new trailer are all we have.

Mirror's Edge 2

Announced for PC? Yep
Release date "When it's ready"

The sequel—or more likely prequel, now that we've seen it—to Mirror's Edge has been long requested and rumored. Five years after its first release, it's finally here. Well, not here here—DICE won't say when it's releasing, but I'd put my money on late 2014.

Table of Contents: A-E | F-M | N-S | T-Z