Firefall Fest livestreaming event begins today, entire internet invited

Marsh Davies at

As we reported last week, Firefall developers Red 5 Studios have organised a six-day shindig, Firefall Fest, featuring celebs, prizes and more.

And, good news! You can consume all the festivities without leaving your chair, using the official livestream to watch all 11 three-hour sessions, each of which sees devs share the stage with different noted nerd-personages, including caster Day[9], videogame satirists Mega 64, actress Felicia Day, actor-turned-geek-deity Wil Wheaton, and Captain Mal himself, Nathan Fillion.

Check back here for our coverage of the event - Rich McCormick is our possibly-quite-jetlagged man on the ground. Hit the jump for the full schedule.

All times in PDT:
Oct 22: 10-1pm (Athene & Reese) + 3-6pm (Felicia Day & Wil Wheaton)
Oct 23: 10-1pm (Team Unicorn) + 3-6pm (Mega 64)
Oct 24: 10-1pm (Day[9]) + 3-6pm (Household Hacker)
Oct 25: 10-1pm (Team Complexity) + 3-6pm (Mr. Sark & SeaNanners)
Oct 26: 10-1pm (Live on Three) + 3-6pm (Extra Credits)
Oct 27: 3-6pm (Nathan Fillion & Alison Haislip)

All times in BST:
Oct 22: 6-9pm (Athene & Reese) + 11-2am (Felicia Day & Wil Wheaton)
Oct 23: 6-9pm (Team Unicorn) + 11-2am (Mega 64)
Oct 24: 6-9pm (Day[9]) + 11-2am (Household Hacker)
Oct 25: 6-9pm (Team Complexity) + 11-2am (Mr. Sark & SeaNanners)
Oct 26: 6-9pm (Live on Three) + 11-2am (Extra Credits)
Oct 27: 11-2am (Nathan Fillion & Alison Haislip)

It's worth noting that you can play Firefall right now with the purchase of a Founders Pack - it offers instant but time-limited beta access with daily exclusive items issued in celebration of the Fest.