You can customize the layout of this modular mouse in 108 different ways

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The whole 'one size fits all' thing doesn't always work out. If you've been burned by that selling point in the past, you might be interested in the new Mad Catz R.A.T. Pro X3 Supreme, a modular mouse that goes in the complete opposite direction with a whopping 108 different physical configurations.

It's an "exhaustive" number of combinations, as Mad Catz readily admits, which is also precisely the point.

"No need to buy a gaming mouse made for everyone, build the gaming mouse made just for you," Mad Catz explains.

To that end, this limited edition rodent (in celebration of the Chinese Year of the Rat—basically a themed version of the regular R.A.T. Pro X3) offers up three different palm rests, two choices of size and material for the pinkie rest, two sets of thumb rests, a pair of customizable scroll wheels, and the choice between ceramic or Teflon feet for different levels of gliding resistance.

(Image credit: Mad Catz)
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Users can also swap the scroll wheel with a choice of materials, as well as calibrate the tension and speed.

Beyond the insane amount of configurations available, the X3 Supreme is powered by a PixArt PWM3389 optical sensor offering up to a 16,000 DPI and 400 inches per second of tracking, along with a 3,000Hz (0.3ms) maximum report rate.

It also has 10 programmable buttons, with the primary clickers boasting Omron switches good for 50 million clicks. And of course RGB lighting is part of the package (also customizable).

The X3 Supreme is an intriguing mouse on paper (I haven't tested it myself, or the regular version). However, for all for the customization options it offers, the one thing it can't do is accommodate left-handed gamers. Do'h! Perhaps Mad Catz is saving that for a mouse with 109 different combinations.

Mad Catz did not say when this mouse will be available or for how much it will cost, though I don't expect it will be cheap.

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