You can claim up to three free games if building an AMD-powered PC

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AMD just lifted the wraps on its latest "Raise the Game" bundle offer, and if you're planning on building a high-end PC with AMD hardware inside, like a new CPU and graphics card, you can score up to three free games along with three months of Xbox Game Pass.

It's not clear how long the promotion lasts, and importantly whether it will still be valid once the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals come into view. Regardless, there are some free perks up for grabs.

Here's what you can score if purchasing a qualifying graphics card:

(Image credit: AMD)

And here's what you can claim if purchasing a qualifying CPU, as part of AMD's simultaneous "Equipped to Win" promotion:

(Image credit: AMD)

The biggest reward can be had from building a higher end AMD PC. For example, let's say you buy a Ryzen 9 3900X and pair it with a Radeon RX 5700. You could then claim The Outer World and Borderlands 3 from your CPU purchase, and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint from your GPU purchase. That adds up to three games, plus the Xbox Game Pass for PC perk.

Technically, that also adds up to two Xbox Game Pass for PC bonuses. However, the fine print notes that only a single promotional three-month subscription can be redeemed over a 12-month period, per Microsoft account. If you're feeling generous, you could gift the second pass to a friend.

Hit the Raise the Game page for more details, including all of the fine print (expand the footnotes section at the bottom of the page).

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