How to watch the Xbox Games Showcase

A few years ago, Microsoft committed to releasing Xbox games on Windows 10, and it's stuck to its word so far. It's even started releasing games on Steam along with the Microsoft Store, which is great because I don't think a single soul prefers to use the Microsoft Store. That in mind, this week's Xbox Games Showcase can also be considered a PC Games Showcase, as any current or next-gen Xbox game we see ought to release simultaneously on PC. 

How to watch the Xbox Game Showcase

The Xbox Games Showcase is airing this Thursday, July 23 at 9 am Pacific. That's 12 pm Eastern, 5 pm in the UK, and Friday 2 am AEST in Australia. You can catch it on Twitch or YouTube (embedded above). There are a bunch of different versions of the YouTube stream in different languages, too, including American Sign Language and with English captions—find those here.

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There's also a pre-show, hosted once again by Geoff Keighley.

What to expect

According to Xbox games marketing GM Aaron Greenberg, the show will be about and hour long, and the topic will be "just games." No slideshow about the Xbox Series X's split motherboard, no business stuff. 

The only game we're sure will be there is Halo Infinite. Microsoft says we'll see the "first campaign gameplay reveal" during the show. 

Otherwise, we assume Microsoft will want to promote some of the other games it says are optimized for the Xbox Series X. We could see more Assassin's Creed Valhalla, as it's one of the games listed prominently on the Series X website. Also in that category are The Medium from horror dev Bloober Team and Dirt 5.

We'll hear from Microsoft's growing collection of studios, too. Double Fine could show Psychonauts 2, Obsidian could show Grounded or something new, Ninja Theory may bring Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2, and inXile may have an update on Wasteland 3. Rare teased a game called Everwild last year, and a better look at that wouldn't be surprising. Fable 4 would make sense, too, after years of rumors.

For reference, here are some of the other games that appeared at Microsoft's 2019 E3 showcase and still haven't released: CrossfireX, Cyberpunk 2077, Elden Ring, Dying Light 2, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Spiritfarer, Twelve Minutes, Way to the Woods, and Tales of Arise

Any of those could reappear, although Elden Ring feels like a long shot. (Though if it isn't shown, the fanart scene will probably only get more intense and gruesome.)

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