Close-up of Richard Ayoade's character in Fable
(Image credit: Playground Games)

After a lengthy absence, Fable is returning for more folk hero fantasy. While the Fable reboot was first revealed at the 2020 Xbox Games showcase, the ensuing years of silence left a lot of question marks about the series reboot. Was Fable 4 still in the works? Would it end up being called something awful like "F4ble"? Luckily, we can breathe a little easier: the new Fable caretakers at Playground Games brought a fresh look for 2023's Xbox festivities and they're just calling it "Fable" with no numbered hijinx.

We're still waiting on details for how Fable will play, but from what we've seen so far, we can at least rest easy knowing that it's still very British. And weirdly obsessive about produce?

Here's the crucial info to know about Fable, including the latest trailers, release date information, and our coverage for its upcoming return.

  • Release date: No date yet, but Phil Spencer says it'll be before Elder Scrolls 6
  • Developer: Playground Games, the makers of the Forza Horizon series

Is there a Fable release date?

Fable doesn't have a release date yet. We're still waiting for announcement of an official release window. Since we haven't seen any gameplay, it's probably still a ways off.

Oh, but we will be playing the new Fable before Elder Scrolls 6, according to Phil Spencer. Good odds that we'll be playing it this decade, at least.

Here's the latest Fable trailer

The 2023 Xbox Games Showcase gave us our first real idea of what Fable will feel like in the current era. And who better to handle the narration than Richard Ayoade? Playground Games is nailing the vibe: As aggrieved farmer Ayoade describes the world's heroes with his deadpan delivery, we see just how exhausting it would be to live in a world with sword-swinging magical yahoos traipsing through it. Just leave the man to his pumpkins. Please.

Years prior, in July 2020, we saw the Fable reveal trailer, which—while light on detail—served as a lighthearted reassurance that Fable is still a very silly series.

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