The best Tales of Arise Artes for each character

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Want to know the best skills for each of the Tales of Arise characters? Bandai Namco’s latest game in the long-running series continues the tradition of bombarding you with dozens of moves and a dizzying array of effects. There are hundreds of possible combinations you could use, but not all of them are worth your time—or the effort it takes to unlock them. 

The best Tales of Arise Artes help extend your combo chains or play to your chosen character’s unique strengths. Sometimes that means sacrificing style and raw power for function and fluidity, though. Regardless, this guide outlines the best ground and aerial Artes for each character, what they do, and how to unlock them, along with which spells you should aim to unlock first. 

How to unlock Tales of Arise Artes

Tales of Arise locks Artes behind either 'titles' or 'proficiency', but isn’t keen on telling you much about either. You’ll earn most non-DLC titles by completing main story quests and some key side quests, though each character has at least one with special conditions attached. Rinwell, for example, has to make ice cream at camp to earn the Sugar Connoisseur Title.

Each title includes five skills to spend skill points on, most of which are passive buffs, but you’ll find Artes buried in there occasionally. Locked titles show up as vague outlines on the skill panel with a brief mention of how to earn the new skill set.

Proficiency simplifies the series’ Artes combination requirements. Instead of using Sonic Thrust and Demon Fang 100 times in Arise, an Arte locked behind sword proficiency becomes available after you use sword-based Artes of any kind 100 times.


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The best Tales of Arise Aphen Artes

Alphen has the most Artes to choose from, though you’ll want to abandon Swallow Blade and Demon Fang as soon as you can.


Severing Wind

  • Unlock: Earn Rebellious Spark Title in main story
  • Effect: Wind strike that launches enemies skyward

Alphen has a few launch moves, but this one’s more easily controlled momentum lends itself to stringing aerial combos efficiently.

Reigning Slash

  • Unlock: Increase sword proficiency to 800
  • Effect: Unleash a powerful slash

Reigning Slash is a strong choice in the early game when you need more power, though it tends to make chaining combos difficult.

Dragon Swarm

  • Unlock: Increase sword proficiency to 1,200
  • Effect: Unleashes a barrage of sword strikes while charging forward

Of Alphen’s normal Artes, this one lands the most hits in a single go and works well either setting up a combo or finishing it.


Alphen’s aerial Artes are often tricky to handle depending on his position relative to the enemy, but these choices are all easy to pull off.


  • Unlock: Default aerial Arte
  • Effect: Strong downward strike

This is an excellent choice for finishing aerial combos both in the early and late game.


  • Unlock: Complete the Battle Preparations main quest
  • Effect: Multiple thrust attacks and one strong, finishing thrust

Stardust racks up the hit counts for your combos, but it’s also a good choice for breaking weak points quickly.

Void Flash

  • Unlock: Clear Alphen’s novice solo challenge at the training grounds
  • Effect: Launch enemies and suspend them in a vacuum

Void Flash makes it easier to connect with midair enemies and deals heavy damage.


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The best Tales of Arise Shionne Artes

Shionne is Arise’s multi-tasker, but her biggest strengths are her bombs and aerial attacks, with a few good ground Artes as well.


Scorched Earth

  • Unlock: Increase gun strike proficiency to 400
  • Effect: Fires explosive rounds at the ground

This is a strong elemental AoE attack that doesn’t require time to cast.


  • Unlock: Increase gun strike proficiency to 1,000
  • Effect: Evades left while firing a ray of light across the field

Annihilation is a handy dodging Arte that deals potent damage to multiple enemies.

All of Shionne’s blast Artes unlock as you increase blast proficiency, and they're worth experimenting with. Their effects differ, but each deals widespread elemental damage and has a chance of inflicting ailments. The only determining factor for which is best is your foes’ elemental affiliation.


Most of Shionne’s healing Artes unlock through normal play, except the two best ones whose benefits are self-explanatory.

Healing Circle

  • Unlock: Heal all three NPCs on Overseer Hill in Menancia
  • Effect: Creates an AoE healing area


  • Unlock: Craft Mystic Crest accessory after clearing Shionne’s novice solo trial
  • Effect: Removes all ailments from the party


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The best Tales of Arise Rinwell Artes

Rinwell is a special case. Her ground Artes are unwieldy, but necessary for protection while she casts and for unlocking higher-level aerial moves.


Celestial Hammer

  • Unlock: Earn Bibliophile Title after completing the Bibliophile quest
  • Effect: Fires rays of light at the ground

Subzero Confinement

  • Unlock: Raise water strike proficiency to 1,200
  • Effect: Surrounds enemy with ice, then smashes it

Both these are powerful AoE attacks if you want a break from spellcasting.


Rinwell’s charge perk means she can cast high-level spells without even learning them, so I’ll focus on spells with actual unlock requirements.

Tidal Wave

  • Unlock: Earn Torrential Mage Title by completing Untamable Rage side quest
  • Effect: Engulfs foes in massive wall of water

The effect says it all for this one, as Tidal Wave continues to be one of the series’ most powerful Artes.

Divine Saber

  • Unlock: Earn Lightning Princess Title after completing Master of Nature main quest
  • Effect: Turns a large area into a “bath of holy lightning”

This is essentially the lightning version of Tidal Wave.


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The best Tales of Arise Law Artes

The key with Law is chaining as many hits together as possible to keep Awakening activated and raise his attack.


Talon Hurricane

  • Unlock: Increase fist strike proficiency to 400
  • Effect: Multiple strikes that launch an enemy, then finish with a kick

This move is perfect for keeping Law’s momentum going. Use Talon Storm until you unlock this for a similar effect.

Super Swallow Dance

  • Unlock: Earn Calves of Steel Title by reaching leg strike proficiency 700
  • Effect: Upward thrust kick, followed by roundhouse kicks and a slamming attack

The enhanced Swallow Dance is similar to Talon Hurricane and makes a good alternate Arte to avoid the repeat move damage penalty.


All of Law’s aerial Artes are worth using, but there’s one handy move that stands out as a powerful combo finisher.

Glimmer Dragon

  • Unlock: Increase leg strike proficiency to 100
  • Effect: Whirlwind kick that creates a vacuum


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The best Tales of Arise Kisara Artes

Kisara is a defense character, first and foremost, but she has access to some potent Artes as well.

(Ground and Aerial)

Guardian Field

  • Unlock: Default
  • Effect: Create a restoration point that heals nearby party members

Guardian Field won’t replace Healing Circle, but it does heal without using many Cure Points, making it essential if you’re playing as Kisara.

Tempest Wyvern

  • Unlock: Kisara catches one boss fish
  • Effect: Whirls shield to create a tornado

Kisara doesn’t get too many AoE attacks, and this one stands out for its power and usefulness.

Havoc Thrust

  • Unlock: Cooksashimi as Kisara
  • Effect: Kisara lunges forward and unleashes a series of kicks

Most of Kisara’s Artes hit once or twice, so this aerial Arte is a nice change of pace and helpful for combos.


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The best Tales of Arise Dohalim Artes

Dohalim is one of Arise’s best characters since, his rather more complex perk aside, he possesses a versatile Artes pool that makes him perfect for dealing elemental damage and chaining combos.


Dohalim’s best ground Artes hit enemies multiple times, which is especially useful if Rod Extension is active.


  • Unlock: Earn Architect of Coexistence Title after completing Kisara’s Ideals main quest
  • Effect: Throws whirling rod at enemies

The ranged effect makes this a top pick over some of Dohalim’s standard Artes.

Elusive Deity

  • Unlock: Default
  • Effect: Lunges forward and launches enemy, dealing dark damage

This move is a strong mid-combo attack with the added bonus of possibly inflicting curse.

Crescent Flash

  • Unlock: Raise staff strike proficiency to 600
  • Effect: Dohalim twirls his staff around his body

It’s a basic move, but a powerful one that keeps enemies briefly at bay.


The default Tornado Drive Arte is strong enough, but there’s an even better one that unlocks after you spend some time with the former lord.

Soaring Blast

  • Unlock: Raise staff strike proficiency to 1,200
  • Effect: Emits a shockwave that ends in an explosion

This Arte’s sheer power and multi-hit effect make it highly recommended.