Win a totally blinged-out Saints Row: The Third gaming PC [US only]

Saints Row 3 PC

Saints Row: The Third is just four days away! You weren't planning to play it on a plain old off-the-shelf PC, were you? This is, after all, a game in which you can skydive out of a VTOL jet totally nude except for a gorilla mask. An over-the-top, insane crime spree like this demands a PC with some street cred, and we're co-oping with THQ to give you a shot at exactly that.

This custom-painted beauty is packed with almost $2,500 worth of hardware, including an AMD Phenom II 1100T, a Radeon 6-series GPU, and 8GB RAM, and we're just giving it away! Hit the jump to find out how to enter and make it yours!

Update: A winner has been selected! As soon as his eligibility is verified, we'll make it official.

Entering is as easy as blowing up a tank with a remote-controlled missile.

Step one: Be in the US, and not in Rhode Island. (We'd love to let everyone else enter, but your state/country/fiefdom has laws that make that a pain. Take to the streets and demand international sweepstakes reform!)

Step two: Email with “Pimp my PC” in the subject line and your name and mailing address in the body before 12:00 PM PST on November 15.

Step three: Be randomly selected as the winner that evening.

If you've got in-depth questions or are really bored waiting for the game to come out, you can read over the epic-length legalese here . But your time is probably better spent pre-building your Saint with the Initiation Station. Or just click the pics below to admire the craftsmanship of the custom-painted case and drool for a while. Either way!


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