Who needs RGB inside your PC case when you can project holograms instead?

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Showcase Holograms hopes that PC gamers are over RGB lighting and ready to embrace the future. The 'future' being holograms, obviously. At CES 2023, the company is currently demoing its brand-new Hologram PC side panel. 

Last year the company showed off a special PC case fitted with hologram tech. But this year, instead of an entire case, you can tack on a hologram side panel to any PC case that'll loop a custom 3D hologram of your choice.

The holograms themselves have a grungy retro-futuristic look, as if they belong in the background shot of a classic sci-fi flick. Obviously, if there were a hologram I'd choose to project from a PC it would be Princess Leia from Star Wars (opens in new tab) or Cortana from the Halo Series (opens in new tab); however, not that Cortana (opens in new tab).

Showcase says the hologram side panel can be attached to most PC cases, and the installation looks pretty painless. It essentially replaces the existing removable side panel. It uses magnets and brackets (no screws). The panel can use internal power from the PC or AC power from a wall outlet. 

The case in the video looks like a standard mid-tower PC case, but it seems you can do the same for a full-tower case as long as the side panel comes off. 

The holograms are actually created with hundreds of LEDs on a thin spinning fan blade. If you look closely enough at the video, you might be able to see fan whirling about, causing the image to flicker. The fan itself has internal storage pre-loaded with some holograms, or you'll be able to create some yourself and cycle through them via a remote. 

Showcase Holograms is, uh, showcasing other hologram products such as a large 'inside out' frame where the image 'escapes' the borders of the frame. Then there are hologram wall and desk clocks of various sizes.

The Hologram PC side panel will cost $249.99 and $149.99 for the smaller Panel Mini, but you can find more info on Showcase Holograms website (opens in new tab)

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