Where to find easy Battle Pass points in Fortnite's Greasy Grove treasure map challenge

Yeah, baby. It's Week 5 of Fortnite Season 4, which means googling the "follow the treasure map in Greasy Grove" Battle Pass challenge the second you log in. 

This week's treasure map challenge is as simple as the rest. Just head to Greasy Grove and look for a treasure map featuring a crude drawing of the 'secret' evil lair built into the side of the mountain east of Snobby Shores. Or just let us tell you where to go: To follow the Greasy Grove treasure map, you'll need to head to the skeletal lair's nose. It looks like a set of stairs too if you're lost on the whole nose thing. 

Head to the mountain in the yellow circle, and the base marked by the pins within. 

The location is marked on the map above for easy reference. I recommend just dropping in directly on top of the schnoz to avoid getting gunned down while you're distracted chasing those easy treasure map Battle Pass points. Watch a pro glider and treasure-grabber show you how it's done in the GIF below (I died to a pump shotty about 10 seconds later). 

And there you have it! Five points that go towards a spray you'll use once in the lobby. But we all know you're sprinting for that Napoleon Dynamite dance. The more dances in a Fortnite player's vocab, the better equipped they are. Not to win, I should say, just spiritually. Cosmic winners, dancers. 

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