Where to find 3 balls of yarn at Catty Corner in Fortnite

Fortnite week 7 challenges are here, and a couple of challenges will send you around the map to collect a few key items. One such challenge tasks you with finding 3 balls of yarn at Catty Corner, also known as Meowscles' pad. If you complete the challenge, you'll get a hefty chunk of XP to help boost your battle pass.

This one honestly gave me a bit of trouble, with one yarn ball location being further away than I would have thought. So if you're having trouble locating the yarn balls or just don't want to waste any time, here's every yarn ball location at Catty Corner.

Ball of yarn locations

First off, head to Catty Corner. That's where the old box factory was at the start of Chapter 2's inaugural season. It's a named POI just southeast of Lazy Lake, so it should be easy to find.

Ball of yarn location 1: Outside of Catty Corner's fenced perimeter is a large platform with a treasure chest on top of it and a fish head dangling from it. That big purple orb on the top is a ball of yarn. Interact with it to collect it.

fortnite balls of yarn locations catty corner challenge

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Ball of yarn location 2: It's in the crate above the vault located here, just a few yards from the first yarn ball on the west side of the fenced area.

fortnite balls of yarn locations catty corner challenge

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Ball of yarn location 3: Here's the tricky one. You've actually got to go across the street over to the gas station. Head to the station's backside, by the Meowscles mural at the stairs, and the yarn ball is just on the ground.

fortnite balls of yarn locations catty corner challenge

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Be warned that this area is, of course, swarming with Meowscles' guards. Unless you get a little lucky, you may need to take two runs to finish this challenge.

For your trouble, you'll get 35,000 XP, like most other weekly challenges.

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