Watching these Fall Guys players team up to eliminate a cheater brings me joy

(Image credit: Mediatonic)

No matter who you are in life, in Fall Guys you're just a bean with tiny legs and a habit of falling over. We all suck together. Apart from the cheaters, who ruin this delicate ecosystem where everyone's kinda shit with their physics-defying hacks. The bastards. But now it looks like the beans are finding ways to dish out some justice. 

Streamer TeosGame captured one of the most satisfying matches of Fall Guys I've had the pleasure to witness. While all the other beans were running and tumbling and making desperate jumps, one just floated around, getting to the end without doing their time in the meat grinder. How can you defeat such a supervillain? Through teamwork, it turns out.

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In Egg Scramble, everyone is divided into three teams and must pick up eggs and toss them into their oversized baskets. The dishonourable bean ended up on the red team, but their compatriots had no intention of helping them win. Instead they decided to effectively forfeit their own shot at victory by keeping eggs out of their basket. Everyone worked together to ensure that it was an eggless void, which is presumably where the cheater also ended up after they were knocked out. 

Fall Guys doesn't have an in-game reporting system, unfortunately, so players originally had to head to the Discord if they wanted to help clean up the game. The Report Hackers channel got pretty busy, but now players are being directed towards the Fall Guys support site instead.

Despite the servers taking a battering at launch and all the naughty beans, Fall Guys has become publisher Devolver Digital's biggest launch, and now all the other brands want its popularity to rub off on them. To take advantage of this, Mediatonic is auctioning off the chance to design a skin, with the donation going to Special Effect. 

A new patch is due out this week, though the patch notes don't mention how Mediatonic has been dealing with cheaters. As for what's coming in the future, you'll want to watch Gamescom's Opening Night Live on August 27, where we'll get our first glimpse of season 2. 

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