Watch the Final Fight giant Abigail get warmed up for his Street Fighter 5 debut

I'd never heard of Abigail, a vicious brawler boasting biceps bigger than a Volkswagen, so I looked up his biography on the Street Fighter Wiki (he's from Canada, if you were wondering). And why am I looking up facts about a Final Fight fighter on the Street Fighter Wiki? Because "the biggest lad in all of Metro City" is coming to Street Fighter 5 as part of Season Two Character Pass on July 25. 

"Every day is arms day for Abigail, and when he’s not busy cracking skulls he’s either driving a car or pretending to be one," Capcom said. "Utilize the potency of Abigail’s considerable belly with the ‘Hungabee’ V-Skill, charge up your heavy punch through the ‘Max Power’ V-Trigger, or drive your opponent over the finish line with Abigail’s Critical Art." 

Despite looking like the sort of guy who just hits things repeatedly until they fall over, Abigail isn't a "one-trick pony," Capcom explained. "As the largest character in the game, you’d expect Abigail to be all about the command grabs. He has two, as it happens, but what makes him stand out is his Nitro Charge run. This special move has one hit of armour (two for EX!) and can be cancelled into four follow-ups—a stiff punch, command grab, cumbersome overhead or V-Skill." 

The Season Two Character Pass goes for $30/£25/€30 on Steam and also includes Akuma, Kolin, Ed, and two more fighters who will be announced later this year, plus Premium Battle Costumes with colors 3-10 unlocked and default costume colors 3-10 unlocked for each character. More information about Abigail will be revealed "in the next few days" at

Andy Chalk

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