Watch Cyberpunk 2077's latest Night City Wire livestream here

Update: The show is over, but the cyber-beat goes on. The fifth episode of Cyberpunk 2077's Night City Wire livestreams can now be viewed in its entirety up above. This one is a showcase for the music: The focus is on Johnny Silverhand (and, of course, Keanu Reeves) but there's also a look at some of the in-game radio stations and the music that will play on them, and a five-minute gameplay trailer that details your introduction to Johnny, and what he has in mind for the two of you—and Night City.

We actually got a look at (but not a listen to) the full Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack earlier today, a double-album rockstravaganza featuring Grimes, Run the Jewels, and Health, who did the very good Max Payne 3 soundtrack. To keep everything in character, though, they appear with their own unique cyberpunk names: Grimes is Lizzy Wizzy, for instance, while Tomb Mold goes by Bacillus, which seems appropriate.

If you've missed previous Night City Wire streams, you can get all caught up on YouTube. Cyberpunk 2077 remains on track for release on December 10.

Andy Chalk

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