Where to find flint in Valheim

Valheim flint - a Viking is looking at a piece of flint lying among long grass at the water's edge
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Valheim flint is much easier to find than you might expect. And if you want to make it in this Viking survival game, you're going to have to start crafting more useful and durable items than wooden clubs and stone axes. You'll also want to start thinking about upgrading your workbench, which in turn, opens up better crafting opportunities.

Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves though: flint is your next step toward becoming a more powerful Viking. While this resource is plentiful, it's easy to miss if you're not sure what to look for or, indeed, where to look. This guide will tell you exactly what you need to know. Here's where to find Valheim flint and what you can craft with this material. 

Where to find flint in Valheim 

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Luckily, the answer is easy. In Valheim, you can find flint near water: along the shores of rivers, lakes, and the ocean biome. As you run along the shoreline, you can see flint lying out in the open, sometimes in the water, sometimes a few feet up on land.

What does flint look like? Have a look at the screenshot at the top of this guide. There are four pieces of flint in that picture—the one my cursor is over, one directly above it, one off to the left, and another way off in the upper right. You can see it always looks the same, a smooth, greyish-white, slightly shiny rock. Keep running along the edge of the water, and you'll start seeing lots of it.

Flint can be used with other resources to craft items like:

  • Flint Axe
  • Flint Knife
  • Flint Spear
  • Flint Arrow
  • Firehead Arrow
  • Chopping Block
  • Tanning Rack

One important note on flint gathering: pressing E to "Pick up" flint off the ground doesn't actually pick it up. It dislodges it from where it's sitting, and a moment later the loose piece of flint will be sucked into your inventory. 

But it's possible to stand close enough to flint to get the "Pick up" prompt, but still far enough away that it won't fly into your inventory once you click it. So make absolutely sure when you press E to pick up the flint that you are close that it actually slides into your pocket. Good luck out there, Viking!

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studios)
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