How to plant seeds in Valheim

How to plant Valheim seeds
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Need some help planting Valheim seeds? Even if you're still in the early game, you'll likely have come across clusters of seeds on the floor. If you're interested in expanding your settlement to include a farm, your first step should be planting the seeds you've picked up on your island expeditions.

Growing your own crops is a great way to upgrade your base, but you'll need to spend some time collecting the materials required to build a forge before you can think about creating your own little vegetable patch. I'm here to teach you how to plant Valheim seeds, help you find more, and outline how to craft the Cultivator tool, which is essential for sowing carrots, turnips, and more.

Where to find Valheim seeds

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Seeds aren't especially rare in Valheim, but you will need to visit specific zones for them. Here are all the Valheim seeds I've seen so far, and where to find them:

  • Carrot seed: Found on the ground in the Black Forest.
  • Beech seed: Dropped by Beech trees in the Meadows.
  • Turnip seed: Harvest Turnip flowers, found in the Swamp.

How do you use Ancient seeds?

You may have also found Ancient seeds. These aren't the type of seeds that you'll want to plant in soil, even though they look the part with their green leaves. Ancient seeds are dropped by Greydwarf Shaman, Greydwarf Brutes, and Greydwarf nests. You can sometimes find them in chests, too. You'll need to collect and burn three Ancient seeds to summon the Elder Valheim boss in the Black Forest. Now let's get back to planting some.

How to plant seeds in Valheim

There are a few things you need to craft before you can begin planting seeds. First up, you need a Cultivator, so I've outlined how to craft one below. Once you have this important farming tool, here's how to plant seeds:

  • Equip the Cultivator tool and turn the grass tiles into soil (Mouse-1).
  • With the Cultivator still equipped, open the menu (Mouse-2). Select a seed, then click on the ground to plant it.

How to craft a Cultivator

You need a specific farming tool called the Cultivator to prepare the soil for planting. You can use this nifty item to plant both seeds and trees. Here are the materials you need to craft a Cultivator:

  • Core wood x5: Chop down Pine trees in the Black Forest.
  • Bronze x5: Combine Valheim Copper x2 and Tin x1 in a Forge.
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