How to find and mine black marble in Valheim

Valheim black marble - player holding a torch in the fog
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Black marble is a new and important resource that was introduced with the Valheim Mistlands update. You'll need it to construct new crafting stations, allowing you to make new items to help you survive in the Mistlands biome. You can also use it for a couple of new furniture pieces to help make your base feel a little homier.

The Valheim Mistlands update introduced a tonne of stuff alongside the new biome and there's a new boss to find and take down, too. If you're just starting out exploring the mysterious Mistlands, however, and you're wondering how to mine black marble in Valheim, I'll explain everything you need to know.

Valheim black marble: How to find this resource 

Black marble is a little different from other resources in that you're not looking for the material itself in order to farm it. Sure there are plenty of buildings and columns made of the stuff in the Mistlands, but not only does mining this take absolutely ages, you're likely to annoy the locals while you're at it.

The better option is to look for large skeletons littered around the new biome. You'll know you've found the right thing as it will say petrified bone when you hover your reticle over it. So what does old bone have to do with black marble? Well, mining petrified bone is how you get black marble. 

Thankfully, unlike the other types of Valheim ore, you can take black marble through portals. So if you find a good farming spot, set one up so you can ferry the resource back to your base.

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How to mine black marble 

Before you get too excited and rush straight to your nearest Mistlands biome though, there are a couple of things you'll want to prepare first. You're going to need a super-strong tool to mine with, so that means you'll need to bring a black metal pickaxe along with you.

For a black metal pickaxe, you'll need the following:

  • Black metal x20
  • Yggdrasil wood x3

Black metal can be found in the Plains biome and is commonly found in chests or dropped by the enemies there. The Yggdrasil wood is found in the Mistlands and you'll need a black metal axe to harvest it—thankfully though, this tool is made from the far more common "fine wood".

As the petrified bone is found in the densely misty areas of the Mistlands, bringing a Wisp Light with you is worthwhile to help with visibility. That way, you can actually see the old skeletons you're looking for, as well as the enemies that might be lurking nearby. Good luck out there.

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