Valheim Mistlands: everything you should know about the update

Valheim Mistlands update
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Looking for details about Valheim Mistlands? After a brief stint on the game's public test branch, Iron gate has now released the Mistlands update into the main game. It's Valheim's biggest update yet, certainly, with a new biome, boss, foods, and magic too.

It's hard to believe it's been more than a year since Iron Gate's Viking survival game launched on Steam early access. It enjoyed over five million sales in the first month, which came as a bit of a shock to the (then) five-person development team.

Since then we've had the Hearth and Home update and the addition of Frost Caves in the Mountains. And there's a lot of excitement around the Mistlands update which introduces a whole new biome to explore. If you're ready to find out what to expect, here's what you need to know about the Valheim Mistlands update.

Release date

Valheim's Mistlands update is out now

The Valheim Mistlands update released on December 6, 2022. The new biome was initially planned for late in 2021, but was pushed back in favor of fixing bugs and other minor issues after the game exploded in popularity.

Iron Gate originally gave players access to the Mistlands biome and all its new features via the Valheim public test branch in November on 2022. It only stayed in public testing for a short time though, arriving in the main game branch just a couple weeks later.

Here's the first Valheim Mistlands gameplay trailer

The Mistlands gameplay trailer, released to announce the arrival of the update on the Valheim public server, shows off a lot of the new biome, several of the new creatures you'll find and fight there, and some exciting new features like magic staffs wielded by players.

On the proper launch day for the update, Iron Gate revealed this animated trailer produced by Brikk Animation, showing two characters defeating the former final boss of the game and then taking on a journey to the new mysterious Mistlands.

How to find the Mistlands

How to find the Mistlands in Valheim

Since the world of Valheim is procedurally generated, we can't just draw you a map to the Mistlands. As with the other biomes, you'll need to do some exploring. Since this biome is the toughest in Valheim yet, and is meant to be reached after you've already conquered the others, you should look near the outer half of the circular map to find the new biome. That said, there's a chance you'll find it closer to the starting biome than you might expect.

On your map view, the biome will look dark brown with purple highlights, making it a little hard to differentiate from the dark brown swamp biome unless you zoom in.

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If you're sailing around or exploring new territory on foot, it'll be easier to spot (unless it's nightime). Most of the new biome is cloaked in thick, unmissable fog. If you see a big dark cloud hiding the landscape, that's the Mistlands.

Valheim Mistlands fog

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What's in the new Valheim Mistlands biome 

The Mistlands are, well, misty. Portions of the new biome are completely cloaked in thick mist, and the region is filled with sharp rocks, towering cliffs, and plenty of trees and grass. Heavy storms are frequent, making it even more difficult to get your bearings. 

As you make your way through the realm you'll also find dungeon entrances, small forts with glowing blue lights, and some castle ruins like tall archways and bridges here and there.

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Scattered around the landscape are remnants of the Jotunn, ancient giants who once roamed the realm. They're gone now but they've left a lot behind, including weapons and armor which you'll find towering over you in the Mistlands. If you've got a sturdy enough pickaxe, you can mine these metal objects for scrap. You'll even find a few skeletons of the Jotunn here and there, and you can chip away at their bones for more resources.


Valheim Mistlands creatures

Valheim Mistlands update

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If you thought deathsquitos were a pain, you haven't met seekers yet. Seekers are giant insects you'll find in the Mistlands, which make a brief appearance in the gameplay trailer. They're big, heavily armored, and some of them can fly. You'll also encounter their grubs in the dungeons, and giant ticks the size of wolves wander the land as well.

But seekers aren't the biggest horrors in the Mistlands. You'll also meet the Gjall, massive hovering blimp-like creatures that slowly patrol the area above the fog. Capable of spitting flames, they're probably the biggest threat to anyone trying to build a fort in the new biome.

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But not everything is dangerous. The Mistlands hare, a large rabbit, can be found in the biome, perfect for hunting your next meal. New NPCs, the dvergr, are dwarves living in the Mistlands who act neutral toward you unless you give them a reason to get mad. Feel free to explore their small forts, but don't break or steal anything or they'll immediately attack. They'll also attack hostile creatures in their vicinity, including the Gjall, so they can be welcome allies in a pinch.

Weapons and magic

There are magic staffs and a magic system

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The most exciting part of the Mistlands update is an entirely new magic system. Consuming foods infused with magic will give players a sort of mana meter, allowing for the use of magic. That magic is harnessed by new magic staffs you can craft at a new workbench, which means you'll be able to play as a Viking mage. There are several staffs you can craft, including one that lets you shoot fireballs, one that uses ice magic, and another that lets you cast a spell to protect yourself and you allies with a healing bubble.

Weirdest and most wonderful of all, there's a craftable magic skull that lets you summon a friendly skeleton. You can name it and pet it (just like a tamed animal) and it'll follow you everywhere and fight your enemies. The downside: using blood magic for protection or summoning lowers your health considerably.

Along with the staffs, there are other new weapons to craft, from glowing swords to massive hammers to a new bow.

You can craft a luxurious cape 

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A recent blog update teased a new feathered cape, fit for only the best Viking adventurers. It's especially useful in the Mistlands because it gives you a feather-fall effect, letting you drift slowly to the ground if you jump or slip off a high peak. As misty as the new biome is, it'll come in quite handy when you're exploring.

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