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This GTX 1070 is £329 on Cyber Monday, and it comes with Monster Hunter: World

We've seen a few decent discounts on graphics cards during the last few days, mostly for AMD's offerings and the older Nvidia cards. The RTX cards are much harder to find for cheap, which is no surprised considering how recently they launched. If you're in the market for an overclocked twin-fan 1070, though, this is one of the better offerings out there from Ebuyer.


MSI GeForce GTX 1070 ARMOR | 8GB | £329  (save £163)
Great price for a twin-fan overclocked 1070. Not a huge clock boost over the reference card, but who knows how much extra headroom it might have... Buy at Ebuyer.

If you're after a 1080Ti instead, consider checking out Zotac's 1080Ti Mini, also on discount from Ebuyer. One of today's better UK discounts, meanwhile, comes in the form of this Crucial MX500 SSD, for just £209. For all that, and our best Cyber Monday discounts across the UK in one place, check out our ever-updating mega hub.

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Samuel Roberts
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