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The Gardens Between, a tale of childhood friendship and time travel, comes out next month

The Gardens Between, a tale of two friends growing up in a surreal world of magical gardens, will be released on Steam on September 20. The Voxel Agents, the studio making the game, also dropped a new trailer teasing the time manipulation mechanic that will carry Arina and Frendt along on their very strange journey. 

"It's our hope that players are not only touched by the story of Arina and Frendt, but that they take time to remember their own special relationships growing up," The Voxel Agents co-founder Simon Joslin said. "While so many of the objects featured in the gardens are from our own childhoods, we hope our audience will relate and recall a time when friendship meant everything."

The time-bending element evokes memories of Braid, the famed puzzle platformer that helped put indie games on the mainstream map. And it definitely sounds like that type of game: The announcement said the pair will "uncover objects and situations that form the foundations of their friendship," while they "relive the emotional journey of their past, cherishing the memories they’ve built together and understanding what must come to an end." Even without digging down in the specifics of the mechanics, that should give you a pretty good idea of what's in store.

The Gardens Between will go for $20. More information can be had via Steam or at