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Overcooked is free on the Epic Games Store for a week

(Image credit: Team17)

Co-op cooking romp Overcooked is free on the Epic Games Store for a week, until July 11. It's a game for friends who do not want to be friends anymore, and it's perfect if you're a budding little tyrant who wants to shout orders in a kitchen. We've got some history. 

It's worth risking friendships over, though, and is best enjoyed in a foursome. "With four players gathered around, Overcooked is hands down one of the best couch party games ever made," Tom Marks said in his Overcooked review. "It’s the perfect balance of chaos that can be conquered with skill."

Overcooked will be followed next week by Torchlight, the charismatic action-RPG. Torchlight very generously lets you bring your pet with you when you go crawling through dungeons, which provides both emotional and practical support. As well as helping out in a fight, you can send it back to town to sell your loot. This is why you should always bring your dog to work. 


Fraser Brown
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