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Fortnite's drum gun is gone

I woke up to an exasperated cry of joy this morning as all the Fortnite players in the world simultaneously celebrated the removal of the drum gun from play. As of the v5.40 content update, the contentious weapon has been vaulted. 

Since its introduction, the drum gun has contributed to the 'spray meta', a style of play that rewards shooting down structures over building them, which has had longtime Fortnite players upset for the better part of Season 5. Spray damage is still around in the form of SMGs and miniguns, and although I believe it's a necessary component of play, tempering its viability somewhat has been long overdue. 

In the drum gun's stead the suppressed assault rifle has been added, a legendary weapon that "rewards precision over rapid-fire." Besides a few bug fixes, the update is fairly small otherwise, but you can read the complete patch notes over on Epic's blog

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James Davenport
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