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All Fortnite spray can locations

Fortnite spray can locations
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Another week means another bunch of Fortnite chal—er, missions. Fortnite missions. This week we've been gifted the Spray & Pray missions, the most challenging of which is the hidden spray can scavenger hunt. Welp, we did our thing and found 'em all. Here's every spray can location on the map. 

Read on for specific locations.  (Image credit: Epic Games)

North edge of Junk Junction

Search near the trash for the spray can.  (Image credit: Epic Games)

Abandoned Mansion basement, SE of Lonely Lodge

Head to the hangar in the basement. It's under the stairs.  (Image credit: Epic Games)

Junkyard, SW of Paradise Palms

Check the tree to the west of the junkyard.  (Image credit: Epic Games)

Umbrella handle

The can is next to where the chest spawns in the big Umbrella shape on the map.  (Image credit: Epic Games)

Bottom of waterfall, South of Viking Village

Check the tree.  (Image credit: Epic Games)

Dance hall, NE of Happy Hamlet

It's going to be near the tent.  (Image credit: Epic Games)

Tunnel entrance, SW of Pressure Plant

It's right on the other side of the pillar at the tunnel entrance.  (Image credit: Epic Games)

Western tunnel, Shifty Shafts

Head underground and find the west-most tunnel. It's tucked behind the wooden structure.  (Image credit: Epic Games)
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