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Fall Guys Season 3 starts next week, adds the terrifying 'ringus dingus'

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The winter-themed Season 3 of Fall Guys will be a bigger deal than the somewhat underwhelming Season 2, featuring seven new levels and over 30 new costumes, as well as more emotes and obstacles like, let me check my notes here, "ringus dingus". Probably some snowballs too.

One of those new costumes, as seen in the trailer that debuted during The Game Awards, is based on the jolly Christmas-themed folkloric punisher of bad children Krampus. There's also a penguin in a bowtie, a ski-slope outfit, a red-nosed reindeer, a grumbly yeti, a snowman in a top hat, a narwhal, a candle, someone bundled up in Christmas wrapping paper, and one that looks kind of like one of the three wise men? I don't know, maybe that's supposed to be Saint Genesius, patron saint of bumbling off a ledge into a fan-blade.

Season 3 starts on December 15, and Fall Guys will be handing out double XP until then.

Jody Macgregor

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