Mediatonic plans to make Fall Guys Season 3 bigger than Season 2

Fall Guys
(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

Even though it's gotten slightly quiet around Fall Guys, developer Mediatonic is hard at work to satisfy the large demand for updates and living up to the battle royale's explosive popularity at launch. The new mid-season update launched today, and there's a goose costume on the way. Even Korean pop sensation BTS have played Fall Guys on their show RUN BTS—but players have been slightly disappointed with the amount of content in Season 2, heightening expectations or the next season.

Over on Reddit, two community managers briefly mentioned the third season during a discussion of the mid-season update. "The team is confident that Season 3 will have more levels than Season 2," community director Oliver Hindle wrote. "We've grown a LOT since launch with people joining the studio every week now. We're investing a lot in growing the team and have huge plans for the game moving forward. We're really committed to improving it over time and filling it with new content."

Mediatonic advertised for several new employees following Fall Guys unexpected success, so it seems like these people have since been hired and are now doing their best to deliver on what sounds like ambitious content plans. We already know that a new round originally planned for the mid-season update is going to be included in Season 3 instead. Hindle's comment shows the team is listening to feedback and trying to keep excitement for their game up, and they're consistent in their delivery, even if it's just a costume here and there—all that gives me faith in the next season.

Thanks, PCGamesN.