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When does Death Stranding on PC unlock in my time zone?

(Image credit: Robert Zak)

It's taken almost nine months, but Sam Porter Bridges is almost done delivering Death Stranding to the PC. We're already pretty impressed with how well Kojima Production's bizarre post-apocalyptic delivery simulator works on PC. The new port supports higher resolutions and dynamic frame rates with generous system requirements for such a pretty game.

Death Stranding on PC is dropping tomorrow across the world, but when exactly can you play it in your time zone?

When you can play Death Stranding on PC in your time zone

Publisher 505 Games confirmed to us that Death Stranding will officially unlock on Monday, July 14 at 7AM PDT. Here's that time converted to a few other regions:

  • Pacific Daylight Time (US) - 7/14 at 7:00AM
  • Eastern Daylight Time (US) - 7/14 10:00AM
  • British Summer Time (UK) - 7/14 at 3:00PM
  • Australian Eastern Standard Time (AUS) - 7/15 at 12:00AM

Don't see your time zone here? No worries, we've prepared a handy time zone converter. Just punch in your city or time zone and the time will be automatically converted to our best guess for when Death Stranding will unlock on PC.

If you're eagerly awaiting Death Stranding's PC release, read Andy's Death Stranding PC preview to get a sense of what to expect from Kojima's weirdest game ever (and that's saying something).

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