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Cyber Monday 2018: Toys, books, and other gifts for the PC gamer in your life

Cyber Monday hasn’t even started, and there are already too many deals to handle. We tend to put the spotlight on hardware and games because they’re pretty expensive the rest of the year. But plenty of PC hobbyists are just looking for good deals on videogame-y stuff, so we’ve rounded up the best Cyber Monday deals under $50.

You’ll find a few PC accessories, toys, music, and plenty of books, all of it related to the hobby we love. Grab something for yourself or a loved one. Or even someone you hate! Maybe they consider Mega Bloks an insult. 

Toys, music, and a lamp

Mega Bloks Destiny Fallen Walker | $50 (save $20)
Mega Bloks will never feel as good as Legos, but these Destiny sets are fairly complex, fun to build, and look like the actual stuff they're based on. Immortalize Destiny’s most persistent enemy with the Fallen Walker set. Throw it against the wall, build it again, throw it against the wall, repeat. Buy at Amazon. 

Portal Chell action figure | $19 (save $5)
This portable Portal cohort won’t contort much, I’m sorry to report, but it’s a cheap export for an easy chortle, and I’m no spoilsport ready to thwart an attempt to cavort with an action figure of any sort. Our time is limited, we’re merely mortal. Buy at Amazon. 

Dark Souls 2 LP vinyl set | $20 (save $15)
Say what you will about Dark Souls 2, but in all that bloat is a heapof memorable music. The Majula theme will always haunt us. (Also, it’s lowkey the best Dark Souls. —James) Buy at ThinkGeek. 

LED Potion Desk Lamp | $15 ($25 off)
For all you alchemists out there. Bring a little magic to your nightstand. Buy at ThinkGeek

Half-Life, 3 times | $6 (save $24)
Buy sequential copies of Half-Life. Do this three times. They’re $2 each. Buy a bundle of ‘em. Play all Halfs-life, the three, at once. Find three friends, play Half-Life, three times simultaneously. Do this. We gotta cope somehow. Buy at Steam. 

Board games

XCOM: The Board Game | $48 (save $12)
The co-op board game is a turn-based take on Pandemic-style panic, placing you and a few other friends into specialized roles between combating UFO arrivals and base attacks, serving up lots of tense situations. Buy on Amazon

Doom: The Board Game | $50 (save ($30)
A faithful and thematic translation of the 2016 reboot of Doom, and a game you can play as the space marine or the invading demons. Buy on Amazon

Star Wars: Rebellion | $80 (save $20)
A grand galactic conflict between the rebels and the Empire, with the major characters from the (original) films leading your forces. Buy on Amazon

Arkham Horror: The Card Game | $25 (save $15)
Explore Arkham as paranormal investigators, combating eldritch horrors in this card game with plenty of role-playing elements. Campaign mode even lets you level up your character between sessions. Buy on Amazon

Wasteland Express Delivery Service | $55 (save $25)
What if Mad Max were a deliveryman? While it leans a bit heavily on the luck of dice rolls, it's a big, sprawling game that can still be completed in a couple of hours. Buy on Amazon


Monster Hunter Illustrations hardcover book | $28 (save 17)
Over 300 pages of artwork from the first two generations of games in the Monster Hunter series. Find out where Monster Hunter: World started. Buy at Amazon. 

Monster Hunter Illustrations 2 hardcover book | $34 (save $21)
400 more pages of Monster Hunter artwork, this time from the third generation of games. Buy at Amazon.

The Witcher book series boxed set | $27 (save $13)
The first three novels from author Andrzej Sapkowski that eventually birthed bathtub and big Geralt are on sale, and they’re pretty good. Not surprising. They brought us some of the best PC RPGs ever. Buy at Amazon. 

Metro 2033: First US English Edition | $16 ($4 off)
The first novel in the Metro series by Dmitry Glukhovsky that spawned several video game adaptations. Set in the Moscow underground, Glukhovsky creates a grim post-apocalyptic Russia where mutant monsters rule the subway tunnels and there is no hope to return to life above the surface. Buy at Amazon

Metro 2034 | $15 ($2 off)
Dmitry Glukhovsky’s second novel in his Metro series. Buy at Amazon

Metro 2035 | $20
While the third and final novel in Glukhovsky’s Metro series isn’t on sale, you can still grab it for $20 bucks. Buying all three novels together will put you at $51. It’s like someone should make a boxed set of these books or something. Buy at Amazon


Fallout: The Vault Dweller's Official Cookbook | $31 ($4 off)
All your favorite comfort foods from The Wasteland, including Blamco Mac and Cheese, Braised Deathclaw Steak, and Nuka Cola Floats. Now radiation-free! Buy at Amazon. 

The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook | $23 ($13 off)
Feast on the eclectic delicacies of Skyrim, Morrowind, and Tamriel. Currently available for pre-order. Will release on 3/26/19. Buy at Amazon

World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook | $24 ($11 off)
Why opt for the same old holiday ham when you can cook something fit for a Lich King? All the best recipes from Azeroth are right here. Buy at Amazon

Hearthstone: Innkeeper's Tavern Cookbook | $17 ($5 off)
Be the hostess with the mostest. Have your guests try a Blood of the Ancient One, or make ‘em a Starseeker Sour. Buy at Amazon.  

Gaming accessories

Vault 111 SteelSeries Rival 300 Mouse | $10 ($30 off)
It's not a particularly stellar mouse, but it'll totally do the trick. This is one for the big Fallout fans that want to stick a little closer to their favorite series at all times. Never let go. Buy at ThinkGeek

Razer Deathadder Elite Gaming Mouse | $40 ($30 off)
This one is our pick for best gaming mouse. It has a great optical mouse sensor that will work on both hard and cloth pads, and a body shape for a claw or hybrid claw/palm grip. Buy at Best Buy, Buy at Amazon 

HyperX Cloud Core Pro | $34.99 ($35 off)
Another one of HyperX's headsets, the Cloud Core Pro, is $35 off at Gamestop. It's designed for both PCs and consoles (Xbox One requires controller adapter), and the microphone is detachable. Buy at Gamestop 

Cooler Master RGB Mousepad | $20 ($15 off)
Who doesn’t like glowing things? It's a totally frivolous accessory, but most of PC gaming is pretty frivolous. Make it all glow, we say. Buy at Newegg


1-year PC Gamer US Subscription | $19.20 (20% off)
Use code BLK20 at checkout. Deal ends midnight, Sunday 11/25 CST.

1-year Maximum PC Subscription | $19.20 (20% off)
Use code BLK20 at checkout. Deal ends midnight, Sunday 11/25 CST.