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Battlefield 3 Battlelog screenshots show stat tracking, friends lists and built in voice chat

Battlefield 3 - battlelog

Battlefield 3's Battlelog service is designed to track Battlefield 3 players' stats, unlocks, XP and kill death ratio over the course of their career. have spotted the now pulled first screenshots of the service on the German Battlefield site, revealing instant messaging features, built-in voice chat and a "join" button to let friends dive straight into each other's games.

It can be easy to forget how dodgy Battlefield: Bad Company 2's server browser was on launch. Lengthy load times, slow refresh times, disappearing favourites lists and a hit and miss search function meant getting into a game could be frustrating to say the least. Here's hoping Battlelog can deliver a smoother experience. You'll find the four screenshots below, click to see them full size.

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