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Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero wireless headset is down to $99 for Cyber Monday

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Wireless PC Gaming Headset
(Image credit: Turtle Beach)

If you've been looking to make the move to a wireless headset without breaking the bank, Turtle Beach has its Elite Atlas Aero wireless PC gaming headset down to $99.99—that's $50 off the regular price.

Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday 2020 deals: the place to go for the all the best Cyber Monday bargains.

The Elite Atlas Aero features powerful 50mm "Nanoclear" speakers boast 12-20,000Hz frequency response and combine with a high-sensitivity unidirectional microphone for crisp, clear audio and voice chat. A floating headband and deep, over-ear cushions promise a comfortable fit, and no worries if you wear glasses: Turtle Beach has apparently cooked up a patented "ProSpecs Glasses Relief System" that provides an adjustable channel for your specs in the ear cushions.

On-headset controls include master volume, microphone mute, and two programmable buttons, and battery life is rated to over 30 hours—which shouldn't be relevant because, quite frankly, you should not be using this headset, or any other PC gaming peripheral, for 30 hours at a stretch. It's not healthy.

$99.99 at Turtle Beach

Elite Atlas Aero Wireless PC Gaming Headset | $149.99 $99.99 at Turtle Beach
We found that the battery didn't live up to its 30-hour billing in our 2019 review, but still managed a healthy 15 hours. More importantly, the "Superhuman Hearing" enhancement option that promises to boost sound cues in games works like a champ: "It gives an incredible advantage" in competitive gaming when it's switched on.

We checked out the Elite Atlas Aero headset in 2019, and liked it a lot. The battery life didn't live up to the billing and it might be a little small for people with unusually large heads, but we found the "Superhuman Hearing" option to be a real game-changer. Turtle Beach says it provides a competitive advantage by amplifying subtle sound queues like footsteps and reloading, and it works: Overall audio quality goes down, but "it gives an incredible advantage" in competitive gaming, we said in our 88/100 review.

It's a very solid set for the price (and Turtle Beach is also currently offering free shipping on orders over $39), but if you're looking for something a little different—more audiophile-y, perhaps?—we've got a running roundup here, and more options down below.