Tropico 5, Opus Magnum and six others coming to Origin Access this month

EA has announced the games coming to its Origin Access subscription service this month—the two standouts are wacky city builder Tropico 5 and head-scratching puzzle game Opus Magnum.

As Alex wrote in his review, Opus Magnum is one of the most satisfying puzzle games ever made, and you're given plenty of freedom to solve its alchemical, machine-based puzzles the way you want. It's made by Zachtronics, so if you enjoyed the likes of SpaceChem and Shenzhen I/O, you'll love it.

Tropico 5 is less spectacular, but it's still a solid city builder that lets you play as the ruling dynasty of a banana republic. If nothing else, it's a chance to reacquaint yourself with the series before Tropico 6, which is due out early next year.

As a reminder, EA's basic Origin Access costs $5/£4 per month or $30/£20 per year, and gives you access to free games and limited trials of new titles. EA launched Origin Access Premier in July, which costs $100 a year, netting you full access to new EA games when they come out.

The other games coming later this month are:

Samuel Horti

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