TowerFall Ascension: the multiplayer battler coming to PC with new co-op mode in tow

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Previously Ouya-exclusive knockabout archery multiplayer game TowerFall (opens in new tab) is coming to PC, as we already mentioned (opens in new tab) several times over (opens in new tab) the last few months (opens in new tab) . However, until now we haven't had a video to back up our outrageous claims. Now we do, along with a title: the pleasantly oxymoronic TowerFall Ascension. What new stuff is in this belated PC (and *cough* PS4) version? Well, co-op for one thing, plus a bunch of other stuff I'm saving until after the break. Hey, stop pelting me with arrows.

Joining the original game's simple single-player mode and Smash Bros-style multiplayer battling will be a new co-op quest mode, a load of new items, and 50 new multiplayer levels - that's a lot of instances of the word 'new'. One thing that won't make it in, however, is online multiplayer - at least not at launch (opens in new tab) .

There's no date yet for TowerFall Ascension, but creator Matt Thorson has previously suggested (opens in new tab) that it will release in January.

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