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TowerFall Ascension: the multiplayer battler coming to PC with new co-op mode in tow

Previously Ouya-exclusive knockabout archery multiplayer game TowerFall is coming to PC, as we already mentioned several times over the last few months . However, until now we haven't had a video to back up our outrageous claims. Now we do, along with a title: the pleasantly oxymoronic TowerFall Ascension. What new stuff is in this belated PC (and *cough* PS4) version? Well, co-op for one thing, plus a bunch of other stuff I'm saving until after the break. Hey, stop pelting me with arrows.

Joining the original game's simple single-player mode and Smash Bros-style multiplayer battling will be a new co-op quest mode, a load of new items, and 50 new multiplayer levels - that's a lot of instances of the word 'new'. One thing that won't make it in, however, is online multiplayer - at least not at launch .

There's no date yet for TowerFall Ascension, but creator Matt Thorson has previously suggested that it will release in January.