Ouya title TowerFall is coming to PC with new content

If there's one Ouya title we wanted to see break free from the confines of console exclusivity, it was TowerFall —and hey, it looks like we just might have got our wish! Matt Thorson, developer of the bouncy, pixelly, multiplayer-brawly thing, has tweeted that a PC version is indeed in development—and it's going to include new content, too.

There's no official word on what the new content will be, but as Thorson mentions getting back into TowerFall level design, we can hopefully expect a few more levels. Thorson's looking at a pricetag of $15 for the PC version, similar to that of the Ouya version—but he tells a fan that he might bump that up to $20, "if the new content justifies it." I'm hoping some online functionality will be added so we won't have to cluster uncomfortably close together when playing with our friends.

Thorson's quick to point out that this shouldn't be seen as a comment on the Ouya's sales—he just "want[s] to expand." Still, I'm glad he's expanding onto our preferred gaming platform, ensuring that we won't need to expand our wallets to fork out for another console.