TowerFall setting its sights on a January launch for PC

Indie platformer TowerFall may land on PC as early as January, according to comments made by the game's creator Matt Thorson to Shacknews . Previously exclusive to the Ouya system, TowerFall won the Media Choice Award Sunday at the IndieCade Games Festival and still looks set to include at least some of the new content we first heard about back in August.

"There's two new archers and five new towers," Thorson tells to Shacknews.

Already one of the Ouya console's most popular games , TowerFall's PC version will surely find a wider audience on PC for its 4-player combat archery. Thorson's comments didn't include word of the previously hinted-at single-player mode or online play, although he did mention to Shacknews at the IndieCade festival that he hoped to include a level editor as well as Steam Workshop functionality.

While the transition of a game from a console-based version to a PC can sometimes be problematic, it's great to hear that Thorson has in mind some options for players to customize their experience, either through their own level editing or the always wild and wonderful universe of Steam Workshop .