Tokyo 42 trailer showcases fast and frantic Cop Drop minigame

Since first teasing its gorgeously minimalistic crimeworld in March last year, I've had my eye on Mode 7 and SMAC Games' Syndicate-meet-Grand Theft Auto Tokyo 42. I was particularly impressed by last month's Combat Styles trailer which demoed various stealth, chaos and hybrid approaches to a specific mission—and the latest video showcases how you'll deal with cops. Hint: it gets messy quickly.

Known as the Cop Drop, the mission below kicks off with the protagonist offing a number of civilians in order to grab the law's attention. Before long, the authorities descend on the city by way of flying ship and go after the player, and, similar to GTA's tiered wanted system, waves of cops are hot on the protagonist's heels thereafter. The difficulty steadily increases which each threat level from thereon. 

As you can see there, things get pretty messy when the boys in blue come at you with bullet-deflecting shields, shotguns, and rapid-firing automaton Logic Minis in phase five. Against the stealth approaches teased in the last trailer, it's nice to see that intuitive and instinctive tactics are required even in this all-guns-blazing approach as the player attempts to manage the various attack patterns of their enemies.

"No date as yet, but we're getting closer," says Mode 7's Paul Kilduff-Taylor, however Tokyo 42 will be out on PC later this year.