This Starfield tribute to Metal Gear Solid's awfully long ladder scene would keep even the most determined space pirate away from your loot

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Why do all spaceships have to be horizontal? Nevermind the practicality or anything like that, I want to explore space in something a little more vertical. A silo, a tower, perhaps. Or maybe even a ship that is just one very, very long ladder a la Snake.

As spotted by GamesRadar, one particularly determined Starfield player has paid tribute to the iconic, never-ending ladder scene from Metal Gear Solid 3 by fashioning a spaceship in similar design. They even went to the effort of laying over the Snake Eater song that does its best to drown out the sounds of boots clanging against metal as you make your ascent. 

It's not the only cool game thing that our budding ship architect is trying to replicate with their build, either. "I am trying to build a Naglfar from Eve Online," they added in the comments, which is apparently a vertical "Dreadnought type ship," though they admit it doesn't quite match the vision just yet. 

It's been real neat to see all of the recreations people have been creating in Starfield so far. Of course, there have been a galaxy's worth of Star Wars ships making the rounds, but we've seen some ace renditions of other classic sci-fi ships from the likes of Mass Effect, Firefly and Aliens too. Now we just have to wait for Bethesda to give us a way to share our creations with others so that we too can fly around in ladder tubes. 


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