This Halloween, there's No More Room in Hell—as a free standalone game on Steam

Take Left 4 Dead, add four more co-op partners, and make it so that one bite brings down a player. That's the gist of No More Room in Hell. The brutally challenging Half-Life 2 mod that won our 2012 Mod of the Year award has grown into a standalone game, and now it has a final Steam release date.

On October 31, two years after the original mod's release, you'll be able to partake in the expanded, cooperative, zombie-murdering tension for free, without any "pay to win" items, as the Greenlight page proudly declares. No More Room in Hell features proximity-based voice chat, meaning only teammates and zombies near you can hear you, a stripped-down HUD, limited ammo, and a bunch more that you can see on the Greenlight page.

Oh, also zombie children that you can blow away.