This Fortnite player backflipping onto a moving rocket proves parkour is alive and well

Source: Reddit user _Lachlan

The last time I did a backflip was on a trampoline and it took around two hours of my friends calling me whatever cowards were called in 2003 to get the gusto to pull it off. I didn't land on my feet—caught my knees and slammed face first into the synthetic black material holding me up and rubbed my face raw. All this to say that while the spirit of parkour died in me and many others in the early '00s, it's still alive and well in Fortnite Battle Royale. Watch this guy backflip into a rocket-ride like he was born spinning on his X axis. 

It's only a matter of time before the trick squads form and we get another Battlefield-style movement of young stunters pulling of feats we could never imagine. Mark my words, someone is going to get a game-winning sniper shot off the tail of one of these backflipping maneuvers within the month.

See the complete video accompanied by the well-deserved screams of success here

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