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This cloth mouse pad also has integrated RGB lighting

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Sharkoon has added another mouse pad to its 1337 series, one that is made of cloth and has RGB lighting. Being a cloth mouse pad with RGB lighting makes it somewhat unique, though gamers who are drawn to such a thing might be more appreciative of the price tag—just €20 (there's no mention of US pricing), compared to twice as much or more for some other RGB mouse pads that are out there.

Razer's Firefly Chroma, for example, sells for around €68 in Europe (opens in new tab) and $55 in the US (opens in new tab). Likewise, the cloth edition of Corsair's MM800 RGB Polaris goes for €70 in Europe (opens in new tab) and $60 in the US (currently on sale for $50 (opens in new tab)). SteelSeries' QcK Prism offers both cloth and hard surfaces on the same mouse pad, but sells €69 in Europe (opens in new tab) and $49 in the US (opens in new tab). So by those measures, Sharkoon's mouse pad is a bargain and perhaps makes up for its "1337" branding.

The 1337 RGB measures 359mm wide by 297mm deep, and is 3mm thick. It has a rubber base to prevent it from sliding around your desk.

There's also a controller on the top of the pad, with built-in guides for your mouse cable (if you're not using a wireless rodent). A braided USB cable provides power for the RGB lighting. A button on the controller lets you cycle through colors and lighting effects, and adjust the brightness

The press release did not mention US pricing, and we couldn't find Sharkoon's 1337 RGB at any vendors anywhere (at the time of this writing). However, it's supposedly "available now," so we expect to see stock soon.

Paul Lilly
Paul Lilly

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