Thermaltake’s wavy case is a throwback design with modern RGB lighting

Thermaltake has released another case with a wavy front panel that is reminiscent of Cooler Master's old Wave Master chassis from back in the day, but with a modern twist—addressable RGB lighting.

That's not something that was found on the Wave Master, or even Thermaltake's own View 22, though the latter did introduce RGB lighting. What's different about the new View 23 is that the lighting is addressable, meaning the various LEDs on the included RGB fans don't have to be the same color at any given moment.

This opens the door to additional lighting effects, which users can cycle through by pressing a button on the top pane.. There are seven different lighting modes. Alternatively, pressing the RGB button for three seconds hands off control of the lighting to the motherboard, if it supports RGB lighting.

This is serious RGB stuff, folks! The press images are also a little misleading at first glance. From what I can tell, the front panel is not translucent, so you don't actually see the three RGB fans in all their glory, as shown in the image above. However, they should light up your system rather brightly.

Beyond the fancy lighting, the View 23 looks like a serviceable case. I haven't spent any hands-on time with it, but looking over the spec sheet, it offers tool-less drive cages supporting a combination of 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drives, a PSU shroud for a cleaner looking interior, and support for up to a 360mm radiator if you want to go the liquid cooling route.

There's no word yet on pricing or availability.

Paul Lilly

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