The Walking Dead: 400 Days comes out this week

It hasn't even been a month since Telltale Games teased The Walking Dead: 400 Days with a Vine post , but the fine maker of adventure games has already announced a release date for the single episode add-on—and it's this week.

Today, Telltale confirmed to IGN that 400 Days will nibble its way onto Steam and the Telltale site on Wednesday for $5. Yes, this Wednesday . The DLC will act as a rotting link between seasons one and two of The Walking Dead and requires the first episode of The Walking Dead as it ties in your saves from season one. We're not sure how the decisions you made in season one will impact 400 days' all-new cast of ne'er-do-wells, but you won't be able to load the add-on without the first episode of season one nestled in your hard drive.

We covered Telltale's new tale back at E3 , though we tried to stay as vague as possible to avoid spoiling things. Turns out, it's a pretty difficult task when the story's the most interesting part about the game, but if you want an idea of what Telltale's latest project is before dropping the five bucks, we've got you covered.