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The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC appears in the Steam Apps Database

Any time a game appears on the Steam Apps Database, it's a good idea to treat it with a healthy amount of scepticism . The same holds true of The Walking Dead: 400 Days , a DLC listing for Telltale's excellent zombie adventure. Blanket warning aside, though, there's plenty of evidence to suggest that there's some truth to this rumour.

It would, for instance, explain the mysterious Vine teasers that have been appearing on the Telltale Twitter account . Four have been released so far, each showing names and photographs being posted to a noticeboard. The titles are Day 2 , Day 220 , Day 184 and Day 236 .

Telltale have previously mentioned that interim content would separate seasons one and two of The Walking Dead. Given that Telltale will be at E3, there's every chance we'll be hearing something official soon.

Here's the most recent teaser Vine:

Thanks, IGN .

Phil Savage
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