The Surge 2 announced, will release in 2019

Sci-fi action RPG The Surge wasn't without its issues, but I fell for its limb-targeting exoskeleton combat nevertheless. Dare I call it Souls-like? Austin will kill me, but I genuinely believe Deck13's dismemberment mechanics are a step towards evolving From Software's tried, tested and oft-quoted formula.    

With this in mind, I'm pleased to hear the developer plans to launch The Surge 2 next year. When it does, players will take to a new "sprawling, devastated city" which promises "larger and more ambitious level design", so says returning publisher Focus Home in a statement. 

Combat is also said to be "more brutal and tactical than ever", and the aforementioned limb-targeting system has been expanded. Add this to the promise of more abilities, weapons, implants, drones, customisation options and I'm pretty excited—despite the fact we've nothing else to go on beyond the header image above.

Similar to Vostok's freshly-revealed Fear The Wolves, more information is expected to come from Focus' What's Next event in Paris this week. 

No hard release date for now, but The Surge 2 is due at some stage in 2019.