Fear The Wolves is an incoming battle royale game from ex-Stalker devs

Vostok Games—the team behind Survarium, who's comprised of ex-Stalker devs—has unveiled its next project. Billed as a "post-apocalyptic first person shooter battle royale", Fear The Wolves is expected to arrive in Steam's Early Access programme later this year. 

So what's it all about? Riding the wave of the genre's PUBG-driven popularity, Fear The Wolves drops players into an "oppressive" and "radiation-ravaged" Chernobyl. 

From there it's a familiar set up: 100 players face-off to become the last-person-standing, in groups or as "lone wolves". What stands FTW apart is its hostile environment—which houses "deadly anomalies" and a dynamic tactics-altering weather system.

"Along with a day-night cycle, this constantly forces survivors to adapt their strategies, and players can find protective gear that allows them to explore dangerous off-limit zones," says publisher Focus Home in a statement. "All the while, the howls of mutated creatures echo through the wasteland."

Not much to go on beyond that, however more is set to be revealed at Focus' What's Next event in Paris this week. Fear The Wolves is due at some point in 2018.